Heartland Behavioral Health

We renovated this unit to comply with the current and regulations were involved in the State inspections and it passed with flying colors! We had to obtain some waivers because of existing conditions, but we were able to do so with no problems. It is important to not only understand the regulations and codes, but to understand WHY they were written when trying to obtain waivers.


Renovate a Residential Treatment Facility to comply with current regulations.


Project passed all inspections.

What the Client Says:

Stephanie and her team are very organized and timely. They have excellent knowledge of health care standards, Department of Health regulations and those associated with Residential treatment, as well. She has a good relationship with Department of Health surveyors and has been an integral part of ensuring that our conversions and renovations meet and exceed standards. She and her team have been very flexible and willing to re-design as factors have come to light during and after the planning process.

I highly recommend Stephanie and her team and welcome any contact regarding this letter of recommendation.

Alyson W. Harder, MSW, LCSW, LSCSW

Chief Executive Officer

Heartland Behavioral Health