The Refuge by Acadia Healthcare- Remodel & Addition

Ireland Architects was contracted to undertake the design of a renovation and addition of an existing behavioral healthcare facility by Acadia Healthcare in Ocklawaha, FL. The aim was to create a space that catered to the needs of patients and staff by ensuring regulatory compliance, along with patient and staff needs. Budget and timeline were considered. The project involved a 6,500 sq. ft. addition to the existing facility and a complete renovation to the existing first floor of the facility. With careful planning and design, The Oak House Treatment Facility at the Refuge is now a space that meets the highest standards of behavioral healthcare facilities.


Designing a renovation and an addition to an existing 2 story office building which was transformed into an eating disorder facility that meets the latest behavioral health requirements and Florida design regulations. We needed to utilize as much of the existing building as possible and make it NOT look like an addition.


We designed the addition so it matches the existing overall design intent of the original building. We did this by extending the existing roof line over the one-story addition. Additionally, the owner wanted to apply all new exterior finishes, which made it easier to create a cohesive design.

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