Piney Ridge Center – Residential Treatment Center

Piney Ridge Center Residential Treatment Center considers adding a Psychiatric Care Unit. Changing a Residential Treatment Center to also have a Psychiatric Unit isn’t the easiest thing to do, but when you know the regulations for both, it makes the transformation much easier. Here is a rendering Ireland Architects did to show the client what an addition might look like to their facility. It’s hard to differentiate the addition form the existing building, isn’t it? That means we did a great job of incorporating an addition!

To make it possible to change a portion of this facility to Psychiatric Care, we are working with the State to ensure the appropriate regulations are followed so that when the inspectors come to do their job, the inspections will be painless!


Add onto a Residential Treatment Facility without impeding their existing service.


Preliminary plans were developed, although the owner chose not to pursue this project any further.