The Kitchen, Inc. Administration Building

The Kitchen, Inc. Administration Building

The Kitchen, Inc. is a shelter for the unhoused in Springfield. As they continue to assist more people in the community, the need for administration space has increased.


The Kitchen Inc. faced the challenge of needing flexible workspaces due to fluctuating task group sizes from varying grants. Additionally, the dispersion of employees across multiple buildings led to inefficiencies and duplicated resources, like printers and copiers. There was also a need to design the building with future expansions in mind, anticipating the organization’s growth.


To address these challenges, larger shared workspaces were designed to accommodate different types of grant task groups, enhancing space flexibility. The workspace was consolidated to improve efficiency, reducing the need for duplicated resources and encouraging better teamwork. Moreover, the property was planned with the potential to double building space, enabling The Kitchen Inc. to grow seamlessly on their existing lot.