Sequiota Elementary School

Sequiota Elementary School

Springfield Public Schools did not have a lot of money to accommodate the changes in Sequiota Elementary School to necessary for better security into the building. Ireland Architect was very conscientious of the existing conditions so that very little work had to be constructed to get the intended result.

Sequiota Elementary School was built many years ago and security was not thought of as important at that time for incoming visitors. Administration was located centrally in the building, which was great for inter-school proximity, but not great for controlling who comes into the school building. Ireland Architects renovated an existing classroom to accommodate the relocated administration offices which would allow better visual and physical control and security to those entering the school.


Better security, stay within budget and timeframe.


Once the administration area was ready for occupancy, then the original administration area would be renovated to be used as a classroom, therefore coordination was critical not only with the people being shifted, but also with the timing of the work being done as to not interrupt normal school procedures. This project’s construction was brought in under budget.