The Kitchen Shelter

Ireland Architects cares about our community and we do what we can. We, and several other professional consultants, donated our services and time to this project. This is a temporary shelter where the homeless of The Kitchen, Inc. help teach skills to sustain a permanent home and job in the community.


The Kitchen wanted to offer private home-like spaces for those staying, which is different from most shelters.


We used the space as efficiently as possible to create 14 micro apartments along with a computer room, conference room and additional support spaces. There is an outdoor play space for the children and pens for dogs.

What the Client Says:

Stephanie Ireland came to us with a desire to learn our needs by talking to those we serve and those who provide the service, our front-line workers. As a result, she designed a shelter that is revolutionary and transformative for those experiencing homelessness.

Meleah Spencer


The Kitchen, Inc.