The Kitchen Medical Clinic

The Kitchen Medical Clinic

The Kitchen Medical Clinic, an organization that provides medical services for those who are uninsured or underinsured in the Springfield area, asked Ireland Architects to help accomplish their vision of an updated, non-dungeon-looking, efficient facility where local doctors would want to volunteer their services. Ire-land Architects donated their services and had a hand in getting other services donated, such as the engineer costs, printing costs and the ball started rolling. The General Contractor, sub-contractors, vendors, and suppliers all jumped on the bandwagon to help the Springfield community with this project by also donating their services, supplies or by reducing the costs to the Owner. The new plan is more open for efficiencies to take place and have make it a place that other doctors would want to work and donate their services. It also helps the patients feel more respected and comfortable in this setting.


To help homeless patients feel respected and comfortable while being efficient for doctors and staff.


Additional doctors and staff volunteered after the renovation because of the upgrade and efficiency.