Fair Grove School Demolition/HVAC Upgrade

Fair Grove School District had a portion of their building that had been closed down for quite a while because of environmental concerns, i.e. mold, asbestos, chemicals. The challenge for this project was that it was difficult to demolish this portion because it was attached to the existing building. We had to coordinate the paperwork for the Environmental Protection Agency and close back in the building all before school started in the fall. There were no existing drawings of the building so we weren't real sure what we would run into during construction, but whatever we ran into had to be dealt with quickly so the project could be completed on time. One of the benefits of demolishing this building is that the existing boiler was housed in an attachment to this building; therefore, this portion of the building also received a much needed mechanical upgrade at the same time.


Deal with EPA paperwork and inspections.


Project was completed before school started in the Fall, along with the mechanical upgrade.