Fair Grove School Sidewalk Improvement Project

Ireland Architects designed a Sidewalk Improvement project in which Fair Grove Schools received a MoDOT grant. MoDOT has several requirements that must be followed to keep the grant intact; Ireland Architects followed them to the letter. This project allows children to get to school safely without having to walk in the streets.


Follow all MoDOT Regulations for the grant.


There were no problems with portion of the project and the MoDOT contact was very happy with our ability to accommodate them on their required documentation.

What the Client Says:

Ireland Architects worked on two building projects with Fair Grove R-X School District and they were found to be of great character, great ethics and in total cooperation concerning our facility. Concerning oversight of the building projects, I witnessed several incidents where Ireland Architects went above and beyond to adequately inspect and review areas of concern in order to meet compliance standards and maintain an overall safe and orderly job site. It is without a doubt that the success of the Fair Grove R-X building project was due primarily to the dedication of the staff hired to design and inspect our projects.

John W. Link

Former Superintendent

Fair Grove R-X School District