St. John’s Fitness Center

St. John’s Fitness Center

To keep competitive in the fitness facility market, the owner wanted to upgrade the interiors and add a daycare. The daycare had to comply with all State Regulations, which was no problem because we have designed several daycares. We also upgraded the facility to be ADA compliant so an elevator was added along with ADA accessible restrooms and showers. The facility also had to remain open for business during construction.


Upgrade the facility to stay competitive and ADA compliant, while keeping the facility open during construction.


Strategically placed the elevators and daycare so as not to disrupt normal business.

What the Client Says:

The facility that Ireland Architects created for us is wonderful. The facility has enhanced our ability to rehab our patients. We also have more functional space than before, and it’s much easier to coordinate all of our services. Within our new facility we are now able to perform techniques that are unique in this area, which is great for us and our patients.

Ireland Architects was very impressive with their ability to listen to our needs and get that onto paper. They are always available and very easy to work with. They are knowledgeable in regard to special health care issues and regulations.

Dr. Mahaffey

Sports Medicine Center

St. John’s Hospitals (now Mercy)