Campbell Street Strip Center

One of the partners who owns this building is also an electrician so he wanted to showcase some exterior lighting, which helps make the building stand out after dark very nicely. The fixtures are standard LEDs, so no replacement for over 20 years and a very economical, standard fixture really set this building apart!! The interior can have an open ceiling or a ceiling can be in-stalled, it’s up to the tenant. The first tenant in the building preferred the open ceiling concept with the upper portion painted black with the ductwork and electrical conduit exposed, although there is plenty of ceiling space to install a ceiling above the tall exterior windows is the next tenant would prefer that application. For the exterior, the owner wanted a modern designed building, low maintenance materials were selected, which also have great durability. The concrete floor was stained and ground to expose some aggregate, prior to any interior tenants occupying the building.


The site had an old car wash on it so there were some existing conditions that had to be dealt with. The site was also very small so accommodating parking was a challenge.


The owner was very happy with this building, including the lighting showcasing the building at night. We were able to squeeze enough parking spaces on the site to accommodate the future tenants.