St. John’s Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy Building

The Sports Medicine Addition/Renovation at Mercy (formerly St. John's) consisted of 5 phases so staff and patients could continue to use the facility while under construction. It took approximately 14 months for the construction of this project, meaning we were able to complete construction ahead of the original schedule by 6 weeks. We designed the Sports Medicine space with an administrator who left after the drawings were completed and construction had begun. This proved to be a challenge because the new contact person had a different Healthcare Service Concept; therefore, there were many changes requested by the new administrator, but we were able to incorporate them all. There were Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Occupational Therapy areas in this project. St. John’s partnered with the Springfield Cardinals minor league baseball team and this project was a part of the “sell”.


New administration in the middle of construction who had a different Healthcare Service Concept.


Able to incorporate new Healthcare Service Concept in to the project, during construction.

What the Client Says:

I’ve worked with Ireland Architects now on probably 75-100 projects over the last four years. We work with a lot of great architects, but Ireland Architects are definitely the easiest to work with. I’m amazed at the number of projects they can do and how efficient they are.

The first words out of their mouths are always – ‘We’ll get it done.’ And they do! They are also excellent communicators, they are always available, and they are extremely timely in getting back to us when we need them.

They know the Health Care regulations better than anybody, which allows them to take a project and run with it faster than most architects. That’s a real plus.

Mark Kastner

Former Drafter/Designer
Contract Project Department

St. John’s Hospitals (now Mercy)