Humansville School Addition

Humansville School had several elementary classrooms and a preschool room that were taking place in trailers, and they were not large enough to accommodate the number of students they already had enrolled. Ireland Architects designed an elementary addition, a cafeteria enlargement, and an area for a future administration area, which at this time is located in another building. Because of the preschool classroom, several other regulatory departments had to be involved in the approval of the design—but since we do all research up front, it makes the construction phase of the project go smoothly all the way into moving in—with no problems. You sure don’t want to find out, after the fact, that there’s a problem.


Additions that included pre-school classrooms have more restrictive regulations.


There were no problems during the review or inspections with any regulatory departments.

What the Client Says:

They did an outstanding job of handling the bidding process and walking us through the process of establishing a contract with the general contractor. I feel that they did a good job of complying with all of the legal aspects of this process, which was, and is, a huge load off of my mind.

We have had a number of change orders during this project, but most of them were initiated by us because we had excess funds for construction and this allowed us to add some niceties to the building. For the most part, the change orders have been handled smoothly and efficiently. The construction phase has been difficult, partly due to the site conditions and partly due to the new structure’s proximity to our school operations, and also muddy conditions.

Ireland Architects has been quick to respond to my questions and concerns during construction and to provide answers when the unexpected occurred. Overall, they have been a good company to work with.

Mark Koca


Humansville R-IV Schools