COMC Administrative Building

This building was donated to Richland Community Development Corporation (RCDC) by its owner, Bank of America, in order to spur further development of Richland’s downtown. The purchase has allowed Central Ozarks Medical Center – COMC to remodel its current administrative offices at 304 W. Washington in Richland to expand medical and behavioral health services within the existing clinic. This also allowed an expansion of needed spaces for administrative personnel to support several COMC clinics in the area.

The interior of the old bank was spruced up and remodeled to accommodate COMC’s needs. Since COMC had already transitioned most of the administrative personnel to work from home during Covid, they continued to work from home during the renovation. This new location gave them space for a board room/conference room, offices for the Human Resources and Billing departments, updated bathrooms to meet ADA requirements and C-Suite offices. They even kept the old bank vault for storage!

“Saving the historic structure in our downtown has been a priority for RCDC since the building became empty earlier this year,” RCDC President Mary Baker said. “When Bank of America offered to donate the 10,000+ square foot building to the non-profit, RCDC’s Board of Directors agreed to accept it. After the acquisition in early October, we began negotiating with COMC to purchase it as administrative space for its expanding non-profit services, and couldn’t be happier with this outcome,” Baker said. Formed in 2017 as a 501c3 non-profit organization, RCDC’s mission is to facilitate economic growth and improvements in the Richland community.

“RCDC is happy that this move will not only free up space in the current COMC facilities but will contribute to a thriving downtown bringing 40-50 administrative staff to that area on a daily basis,” RCDC Board member Cindy Payne said.


Redesign a bank building to accommodate health care administration while maintaining its historic integrity.


Complete remodel allows space for up to 50 staff members.