New Airport Terminal for CGI

New Airport Terminal for CGI

This city-owned airport was ready for a terminal upgrade. We partnered with the construction company that is in the process of building it.


Executing a design/build project like this on a tight timeline is like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle in a race against the clock. Our challenge was to conceptualize the Basis of Design, respond to client modifications, and address contractor feedback—all while guaranteeing critical deliveries and syncing with everyone, from TSA to the City of Cape Girardeau.


Our strategy was robust organization, transparent communication, unwavering attention to detail and the occasional morale-boosting bagel. Ultimately, it’s a dance between structured project management and on-the-fly adaptability.

What the Client Says:

The level of professionalism and vast experience Ireland’s team has brought to the table is top tier and has really helped us navigate our first design-build project seamlessly. This experience has allowed them the opportunity to provide insight on elements of the project to add value while keeping our overall goals in mind.

Stephanie and her team have done an excellent job keeping the design schedule on track, ensuring that everyone stays focused and on time. I appreciate they have been very respectful of our time and other projects happening at CGI.

The stakeholder collaboration and coordination has been excellent. Stephanie and team have been diligent in connecting with the right people to make key design decisions. They’ve worked hard to keep everyone in the loop as the project has progressed with streamlined communications and frequent check-ins.

Katrina D. Amos, C.M.

Airport Manager

Cape Girardeau Regional Airport